Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fun in the Snow

Logan has seen its share of snow this year and the kids are loving it. We have just been shoveling all the snow into one pile and that has become their sledding hill. Now given it is no Dickinson hill (like in P-town), but for now it will have to do. Juli has the labor intensive job of lugging the kids to the top and giving them a shove to the bottom. Jacob is not quite as enthusiastic about the sled, but he is slowly and cautiously catching on.


C &H Martineau said...

Holy Snow people! I especially love you in your snow suit! So reminicent of the little kid in you!...let me just say that we have SO much more snow here than there...arent you jealous?!

Holmes Family said...

I haven't lived in a place with snow for over 5 years! I am jealous of you! You look so cute and your kids are adorable. I hope all is well. Take care and keep in touch. Love, Jess

Holmes Family said...

You're it! I've tagged you!
Go to my blog and fill out the questions! Take care, Jess

JoHanna and Michael Weller said...

What a fun day!
how is your grandma doing?

Melanie Sharp said...

Your boys are so darling and you look beautiful as always. So great to hear from you on my blog and see what you're up to. Thanks so much for the note!