Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally Bloging Again!

I know, I know many of you are in shock that I am posting a blog. I can probably only say it is happening because I am in Cedar for a few weeks and have a little extra time, so I thought it is now or never. I also thought a post was necessary since we have two major announcements!
The First is we want to welcome little ALEXA ANNE to our family. (this may be a shock to some since I never even posted I was pregnant) Alexa was born on February 6th. She was 8 pounds 1 ounce. The delivery was perfect, which I fully feel I deserved after my last delivery with Jacob. I got induced again but this time it was a short labor of about 8 hours from the time I checked into the hospital (the boys were 18+). Once things got rolling I only had to push for about 5 min. I don't know, it could have been the amazing doctor that delivered her that made it so easy. Thanks Daddy!!
This brings us to our 2nd major announcement which is Colin just got accepted to the Residency program at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden Utah. We are so proud of you Colin. Mckay-Dee was our first choice so it is quite a relief to know that is were we are going and we don't have to move out of state again.
As for the rest of the update on our family this is what we have been up to:
Colin- got a snowboarding pass at Beaver Mtn. for Christmas, so he has been snowboarding the last couple of months and loving it. He hasn't been able to snowboard since high school so he's been glad to start that up agian. I just hope we don't get any medical expenses out of his little hobby. He is getting anxious with his last couple of rotations now and just wants to be done as you can imagine.
Juli- I am doing great! I am having so much fun taking care of my little girl. It is so much fun to get her dressed and pick out her outfits. With the boys you just throw stuff on. Alexa has been a easy baby since the day she came. I recovered in less then a week and was back to all normal activities. I am also loving my new suv. Colin got me a Honda Pilot and it has been so nice. Our Toyota Camry was not making the cut with three kids.
Thomas- is such a big helper with the new baby he is an excellent binki holder. He is loving pre-school and is getting so smart. I can't believe he has gone to a full year of pre-school and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. He will be 5 in a couple of weeks and is already planning his birthday party the only problem is he can't decided between a Star Wars or Transformers party. He has been obsessed with turning 5 since he was 2 because I told him he would get a dog when he was 5. Since we still don't have a house yet I am hoping I can hold the boys off until Christmas.
Jake- he is still a Tank! He pretty much can take Thomas down to the ground in anything they are doing, whether they are actually wrestling, boxing, playing basketball or racing some how they end up on the ground with Jake on top! We are in the never ending battle of potty training but we will just keep on trying.
Alexa- She is doing great! She finally decided to start gaining some weight and is now starting to get some chunky little thighs She is just perfect! She sleeps and eats great and is quite the happy baby with a beautiful smile. For the majority of time she is happy. There are only a few things she doesn't like that is being cold and having a stinky diaper.
Here She Is!!

Lexi with her Aunt Jodi

Lexi and the boys

Lexi at the hospital