Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Year = One Very Large Blog

It is pretty ridiculous!! I know but when I get motivated to do something I just have to hurry and do it so I get it finished. I know it is extremely long but most likely no one will have to read it. It is just for my benefit knowing I have written down something of our past year.
Alexa's Blessing was pulled together in about 24 hours or less. We had all of Colin's family up for a funeral and decided it was the best/easiest time for everyone to be there. It is a good thing we decided on Alexa Anne because I am sure Colin would have changed it in the blessing anyway( I liked Alexa Jo). All in all it was a great day.

We were in Cedar for March while Colin was doing a rotation in OB. This month we found out we got our top choice for Residency at Mckay Dee hospital in Ogden. We were so relieved to finally know. We also got to spend St. Patrick's Day with the cousins, I had to post this cute picture of them all in green:)

Thomas' 5 year old birthday party was all about Star Wars! He was and still is completely obsessed with star wars. (I had to post this picture with Saxon and Brielle we miss them!)

I had to get the pictures of the kids with their Easter eggs on their ears it is something my mom did when we were little.

Colin Graduated from medical school!!!!! Now onto Residency!! We are all so proud of him and the hard work and studying he has had to do the past 4 years! Way to go!

Our summer consisted of fixing up our first home. We cleaned cleaned and cleaned some more, painted, put in new carpet and did many repairs and yard work. It was a lot of work but our house looks completely different from when we bought it.

Jacob's 3rd birthday was a big hit.... well the idea at least. Saturday we went to Chucky Cheese he had been looking forward to this for the past 2 months. We potty trained him using the bribe of going there for his party. Well he got sick about 10 minutes after we got there. We had to change his underwear at least twice (finally put on a pull up I happened to have in the car) and was in the bathroom about 8 times so we packed up and headed home. During which he threw up twice in the car-- pretty sad! Sunday was his actual birthday and we had to go up to Logan for Ivory's blessing so we did a little mickey mouse clubhouse party and luckily he felt much better for this one!

Halloween 2009

We had a blast cleaning up our leaves in our big back yard. I couldn't seem to keep the leaves in a pile and surprisingly it was not the kids that were the problem it was the DOG!! We would hide his ball in them and he would go crazy trying to find it. At least Lucky slept good that night.

Christmas was a blast! We went to the Marshall cabin and the whole Marshall clan was there. We had so much fun opening presents with all the cousins, sledding, cross country skiing and just visiting with everyone!

I just love these cute kids so much I had to post a few of my favorites!!


Kimberli Norton said...

Oh so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like Marshall, who is that, that has a new post. I almost forget you had a blog!!! I am glad you were able to get it done. I know you have been wanting to. I love all those pictures. It is funny how many things I never saw anything of like the birthdays and stuff. I feel like I see you a lot, but I sure miss out on some big things in your life. I love the pictures. Yep, you do have the cutest kids!!!

suess said...

You have such a beautiful family Juli! It sounds like you had a fun and very busy year.

Aubrey said...

Woohoo! I am excited to hear all the good news! Please keep us updated. We miss you guys!

Yardley Crew said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for the update...glad you really are still alive! :)

Glitzy Glass Stars said...

Hey, I forgot you had a blog. I am glad you said hi!