Monday, May 26, 2008

Spring has come!!

Well, after being out of town for rotations and traveling the I-15 highway from Logan to Southern Utah countless times we are finally back home. We are trying to catch up on a little of everything and finally got around to posting a blog, which was past due!! Stay tuned there will be more to come in the next few days.

What is Easter without a good Easter egg hunt, coloring eggs, and hanging out with cousins. We were in Panguitch for Easter and the kids had a great time.

Easter weekend at Calf Creek. I think this was the first time we really experienced spring fever this year. It was such a beautiful hike. It was a little cool right down by the falls but the rest of the hike was great. We had most of the Marshall crew with us and had a wonderful hike.

As you can tell the theme for the Birthday party was biking. Juli got a new road bike and gear and is now gearing up for her first triathlon.

Thomas's birthday is just a few days after Juli's and so we had a week full of parties. Thomas had a Diego Party and they made t-shirts with their names on it and had an animal rescue. Of course, Juli went all out!!!

In the war against old age and an increasing waist line I decided to try a few triathlons this year. This one was in St. George and I had 2 bros, 2 brother-in-laws, my dad and myself all participated. Also my two nephews did the kids triathlon and so we got the whole family involved. After the nausea, fatigue, and pain blew over I realized I actually really enjoyed it.


JoHanna said...

I am so Happy to see a new post! I hope to see you soon!
Hey please send me your e-mail if you want to keep seeing my blog

Hughett's Fun House said...

Wow, your doing better than me. A race like that would be punishment to me. ha ha. I agree with Johnna, its good to see a new post from y'all.

Holmes Family said...

Happy late Birthday! I am not surprised to hear about you racing. Good luck and have fun! I wished I would make the time to do something like that. Take care.

Brad and Tahnie said...

Yay a new post!! Keep them coming. Love to see how your cute family is doing!

The Lowder Family said...

Hey, It's Kara, Jocelyn's friend. I stumbled accross your blog and I was amazed my your trip to Peru! WHat a great experience, I have always wanted to do something like that, as well as seeing all those incredible places in Peru.
As far as Tri's go, I think that Jocelyn has finnaly decided she wants to train for one.. We will have her in the pool in no time!

hayley said...

Juli!! Sorry to be snoopy, but I saw your link off of Aubrey's blog and of course I had to snoop! Triathlon huh? WOW! and looks at your boys, how cute! Thomas looks SO MUCH OLDER where has the time gone. Anyways it was fun to see pics of your family and good luck with your triathlon:)

Johnna Jayne said...

Hope to see you at the family reunion!

Brad and Tahnie said...

Hey Jul's,
I have tried to contact Tillery but she won't ever email me back or IM me back. It's weird. Email me at and I'll give you her email address so you can see if you have better luck.

JoHanna said...

I hear the baby is a Girl!!! Congrats I am so happy for you guys! I hope you dont mind my posting this because you havent announced it on here yet!